have a special beauty inside of them.

They invite the light to come in and  share it's healing power with us,

allowing our roots to grow


Handcrafted Macramé Jewelry Designer

My story starts a few years ago . At a certain age around 40, my guardian angel whispered in my ear that' it is time for self fulfilling creativity . After raising 4 beautifull children (and still being occupied with that ...) I started a course about orthomolecular healthy food . It gave me loads of new energy and my wish was to share this knowledge in my own practice room! 

But something was missing ... 

So on a beautifull morning I decided, out of the blue, to subscribe myself into a long workshop of Macramé. Apparently it was my Best choice ever to keep those 8 days just for me !! 

I'm very gratefull for the trust in listening to my intuïtion and the guidance and inspiration, hospitality and laughter, I was given by this wonderfull woman .

 Thanks a lot Kristina Dharma (Dharmacramé)        for the new chapter in my life ! 

Now i hope to find my own style and to make lot's of people happy with the love and power given by nature. Through these precious stones, (i'm so happy that I have the privilege to work with them) I would like to share some gentle, loving energy.


  Because it is in sharing that we receive ...